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The purpose of this site is two-fold. First, to share leading edge techniques for data-related software development issues. Data is clearly an important aspect of any business system, and data management is a critical task for all organizations, so therefore data-related issues are something that all software professionals must take into consideration. Second, it was a working site for my now award-winning book Agile Database Techniques, and for Refactoring Databases, and I'd love to hear any feedback that you may have as I publish material to this site. 

Over the years I have written a fair amount about how to use object and relational database technology together, and in general how application developers and data professionals can work together effectively. At the technical level I have written two very popular white papers entitled Mapping Objects To RDBs and The Design of a Robust Persistence Layer for RDBs. I've also written several books that covered critical object/data issues, including The Object Primer 3/e which describes how to build business applications from the point of view of a developer and co-authored Mastering EJB 2/e (I wrote the complex persistence material). In both of those books I apply the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for data modeling. Most recently I co-wrote Refactoring Databases: Evolutionary Database Design which addresses how DBAs can evolve database schemas just as application developers evolve their object schemas. I've also written about cultural/organization-related as well, in particular the articles Crossing The Object Data Divide Part 1 and Crossing The Object Data Divide Part 2 are interesting.

What I hadn't done, until this effort, is write a single book focused on how to be effective at data-related software development. Some of the more interesting questions that I address in Agile Database Techniques include:

In short, this site is dedicated to sharing effective practices, not questionable theories.